… is an interdisciplinary service and development network of reelance engineers and cooperating companies with the aim to combine regional and supraregional competences into a group of innovative and sustainable developers.

Focus is on industrial automation and mechatronik, starting with software- and hardwaredevelopment, mechanical design and documentation up to complex systems out of all these competences by using modern tools and methods.

Latest development resulted in first own product which is a SIGFOX smart module based on STmicroelectronics technology.

We strongly believe in Internet Of Things and Industry 4.0


embedded SW/HW development
industrial automation ( B&R, Bachmann + PC based HMI )
control systems and concepts
feasability studies
development support
model driven design
documentation with UML
agile methods
support for approvals

PCB layout ( Pulsonix, Eagle, Altium )
firmware development ( Cortex and other Cores, functional safety )
IoT/I4.0 und big data analytics ( Sigfox, OPC UA )
RF-design and RFID products
mechanical design
electrical thermal imaging in automation and on PCBs

Sigfox modules

Sigfox modules dimensions 37.6 x 15.0 x 3.0 mm

based on STMicroelectronics Transceiver and controller technology, S2-LP + balun and STM32L05x

power supply range: 1.8 – 3.3V

optional with external antenna

optional as transmit only version with S2-LPTX

Sigfox Verified certification done

AT-command set for easy usage

HW/SW design in consulting, customization and integration of customer application within the module availiable

development ecosystem with Arduino and mikroBUS and an USB-Dongle

production, hosting and marketing by http://www.XoverIoT.com


Operations ( customer dealings )
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